Monday, October 19, 2015

Fire Safety Presentation

The Colchester Firefighters came to UMS today to talk about fire safety. We learned about "Stay Low and Go" which means we stay low to the ground to avoid smoke and leave the house if the fire alarm is going off. We also talked about setting a meeting place with your family in case you need to leave your house quickly.  If a piece of clothing catches on fire, kids remembered to  "Stop, Drop, Cover your face, and Roll" until the fire is out. Students leaned about how to tell if a fire is on the other side of a doorway too. The last thing the firefighters did was dress up in all of their gear to show us that we shouldn't be scared if we ever see a firefighter dressed up with their mask, hood, and air tank.. They are here to help us!  The students were mesmerized and learned a lot. Here are some pictures from our presentation.

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