Wednesday, February 3, 2016

100th Day of School!

Today was the 100th day of school at UMS!  We had a fabulous day full of 100! We read 100th day books, we wrote a newspaper article on being 100 years old, and we did a mystery number skype with Mrs. Davis' class.  We made a trail mix with 100 yummy pieces of food, and we completed a 100th day activity book! We had TONS of fun!!  Here are some pictures from our activities!

Our 100th Day books!

Writing our 100th day newspaper! We will publish a class book with these!

Skyping with Ms. LaRose and Ms. Warren's second grade classes from Porters Point School!

We are asking a good question to help us figure out their mystery number. (It was 64)

They guessed our number of 72!

Completing a 100 dot to dot.

Taking 100 steps around the room and marking our spot with tape.

Coloring 100th day crowns.

Making 100th day friendship trail mix.

Carefully counting out 10 treats from each bag.

Our serious picture..


Ending our day with some silliness!

Second Grade Research

We have been learning how to research on the Internet with Ms. Hebert. We've talked about using two different websites called Bookflix and PebbleGo, which can be accessed through my blog.  Here are the usernames and passwords for these sites as well as some pictures from our learning

Bookflix: username: us primary
              password: book flip

PebbleGo:  username: umps