Friday, September 11, 2015

M.A.T.H. Stations

This week the students started to learn about math stations in Room 9.. After a half hour whole class math mini-lesson and practice time, the students are broken up into four groups, depending on the skills they need to review and practice.  For the next 40 minutes, the students rotate through two math stations and then, the next day, they rotate through the second two math stations. (It takes two days to get through all four math stations.)

Our first math station is M, which stands for "Meet with the Teacher". During this group, students come to my desk and we work on skills and math strategies that are specific to each student.  We might focus on number order, adding and subtracting, telling time, identifying coins, or multiplying depending on each students needs. 

The next group is A, which stands for "All Alone Math Work". Each student has a folder with review work that they can complete independently. This is a great way for students to practice the skills that we have already learned and build a strong mathematical foundation to build upon throughout the year..

The next math station is T, which stands for "Technology". Students log in on a chromebook and practice various math skills in their Dreambox learning account. Each student has an individualized math program that changes the math skills based on how well the student is doing. It provides extra practice on areas of weakness and it also challenges them with new math concepts.

The final math station is H, which stands for "Hands-on Learning".  During this station, kids play math games that reinforce various math skills we are working on. This week, we practiced writing and reading tally marks, counting by fives, adding, and using ten-frames to help us mentally add numbers in our head.

Since this was our first week, we kept things pretty simple. We practiced skip counting, identifying and counting coins, adding and subtracting one digit numbers, patterns on a number grid, and we talked about how we can and will explain our math thinking throughout the year. Have a great weekend!

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